Monday, December 8, 2008

One Goal

My Sunday was filled with over a thousand motorcycles, 170 miles, chili, chaps, and neck ups! We participated in the 16th annual tri-county toys for tots ride (I have a pin to prove it) from Temple to Lampases. I am not sure if many of you realize exactly how much time you have to think while on the back of a motorcycle. . . well let me tell you it is A LOT!! No radio, iPod, MP3 player, nothing but the sound of the wind and the tailpipe. While riding on the back of J's motorcycle, I was struck by a thought.....

When looking around the parking lot of the American Legion, you can see people from many walks of life. Some tattooed, burly men or thin, clean-cut men, high-heeled well-to-do women or rough and tough women. You name it there are plenty of people there. I know it may be hard to believe, but you name the stereo type and they are there, mother, computer person, RR worker, high school Principal, salesman, restaurant owner. With so many different people there, I was surprised at how well everyone got along and had a great time. Then I realized that the reason why was because we were there for a common goal; no matter how different our lives, we had one goal in mind, gather a large amount of toys for children who are without.

I was then struck with another thought, how is it that there can be such a diverse group of people at a bike rally, getting along and working together, when at our own church we struggle to sit in the same class or pew with another person who isn't "like us." How can we call ourselves Christians when we are so concerned about what day and time a baby shower is but not at all concerned with how the church as a whole is fairing. Then it finally made sense to me...what is it that made the bike rally so successful....a common goal! We at the church have forgotten why we even attend, if not to wholly and fully worship our Maker and Creator, then why? If we would stop worrying about the small stuff and focus on own relationship with God we would be a stronger church. We are only as strong as our weakest link(I hate to say this because I am not perfect) but I am afraid that we quite a few weak sections, not just links.

So I challenge you today, tomorrow, and everyday thereafter to check yourself. Where is your own relationship with God? Are you doing all you can to worship Him? Are you right with God? I pray that your answers are better than mine and that you will strive to strengthen your relationship which will strengthen that of our church and of each other! Take some time to truly evaluate yourself, listen for Father to reveal to you where you need to work and go with it! I look forward to seeing how God will change and strengthen our church! I look forward to seeing us strive towards the common goal!!